During an interactive session titled ‘Unveiling The Truth’, which was organised by young Christian group, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo described as absurd, the lies, propaganda and accusations against President Buhari. He said:

“President Buhari is possibly one of the most committed people I have ever met. He is committed to seeing that resources of this country are used for this country. In general term, we find that there is fairness in the distribution of appointments. Many of the accusations against Buhari are not true.

“Sometimes, people listen to propaganda and if we look at the facts, things are totally different. On Islamisation, first of all, it is untrue, it is propaganda.
“Anybody who complains that President Buhari is propagating islamic agenda, how is that possible? A lot of these are just propaganda, never listen to these. Many of these are absurd, they are deliberate propaganda. They come from the same source. Don’t believe them. Let’s be fair.”

The vice president said the president’s good intentions should not be called into doubt and advised his audience not to spread false rumours about him.


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