If God promises you something , if the enemy can not steal it , he split it. Sarah refused to fall for it , when Abraham was leaving they gave him haggai. Since the seed of Egypt will not come through Sarah , let it come through Abraham, so there have to be Haggai and Sarah in the same house.

When your miracle and your mistake live in the same house it will hunt you all your life. When you try to manage you miracle , there are so many people today God has lifted them , God has bless them , God has prosper them, they live a life of favor , but anytime the remember their mistake it breaks them.

When you have goes in life, standard are important . When there is something you are expecting from God , when there is a destiny you are expecting , if there is a future you are expecting, you must have standard. And for you to operate standard , you must stand hard.

#Abraham was rich and he still serves God

How do I Activate the Blessings of Abraham

*Abraham understood warfare – every greatness, every destiny is surrounded by battles . There is no mantle without battle , there is no title without battle . The bigger your head , the bigger your headache When you have an outstanding future.

In battle , many fight but only few win, the essence of fight is winning.

How do I win Warfare?

* Information – Big doors are opens by small keys, every door has a key. A keyless door is a useless door.

I prayer for you today, every door is open unto you in the mighty name of Jesus.


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