There are actually 21 kinds of churches in the world but am going to give you seven for today apostle began

Now before I actually let the cat out of the bag, let me give you the definition of a church.

A CHURCH: can be best define as a building where Christians go to worship God. but i can tell you that today church no longer worship God,some worship money,business,varrious trisp abroad,clothes etc child of God materialism has cripped into the church of christ, the true love of God is gradually falling away from the christain faith.if you are a sincere believer[christain]ask yourself this question, is this how you where when you newly gave your life to Christ? if not is time to cry-out for help from above!


Gods servant began to analyze them one after the other in today deliverance service at Auchi the Headquarters of the omega fire ministries worldwide.

1. The mortuary church: these are the kind of church you will enter and your spiritual life will just die totally. the mistakes most people make here is that,this is my mothers church where i was brought up i cant leave, and you are wasting away?

2.OCCULTIC CHURCHES: Child of God i will like you to know that we have a lot of native doctors in the alter who are deceiving people all because their herbalism in the village is no longer paying. so be careful. some of them go as far as bury charms under their pulpit to grow their congregation.

3.VANITY CHURCHES: This particular church is the worldly kind of church where all source of evil are been done,and you hear them say is a free world,you can serve God the way you like and still make heaven.sir no! you will surelly make hell fire if you believe that.

4.MORDEN CHURCH: This particular churches make use of laptop,ipad on the altar,it is not so from the begin my bible says search the scripture not punch the scripture.

5.BUSINESS CHURCHES: if you visit such church you will discover that the pastor mostly emphasises on business strategies or you can say entrepreneurship. please dont quote me wrong am not saying encouraging entreprenue is bad in the church, you should have a limit to that.

6.PRESIDENTIAL CHURCHES: These are churches many people run to for connection or access into any position they aspire for.

7.COMBAT CHURCH: These are churches that fight any man of God they see on tv. no other pastor seems to be real in their eyes,all other pastors are fake except them.


father lord only you will help us unite the church lord!


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