Firebrand preacher, Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman, the Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide early this year while announcing his 2018 “Restoration and Supernatural Encounter Crusades” made mention of Asian nations where he is determined to take the gospel to their door step.

God’s General, The Restoration Apostle concluded his two days powerful crusade in Moscow, Russia on tuesday and the church which has been in existence for about eight months was officially opened in the city of Moscow and that of Zenith Saint-Petersburg is under way.

The two days prophetic, healing and miraculous meetings was characterised by the immeasurable and unstoppable flow of God’s supernatural power where some life-threatening sicknesses and diseases of some individuals were located by prophecy and he prayed for them.

Now that God has proved himself in Russia crusade which had a large turn out, Apostle Johnson Suleman will now set his eyes on Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore, India etc. Saudi Arabia in question is a core muslim country where christian persecution is on the rise. The nation is built on Wahhabism, a purist and strict interpretation of Islam. Saudi Arabia has over 32 million people and the meagre 1,406,000 christians in are regarded as second-class citizens and apostasy in the country is a punishable offence.

Without mincing of words, what distinguishes Apostle Johnson Suleman from other preachers is his confidence and spiritual ruggedness. He is very bold and he fears no foes. Before he was allowed to hold a crusade in Russia, he was told not to speak against Putin, The President of Russia.

Apostle Johnson Suleman is currently sweeping many nation with a new wave of apostolic revival for this generation. At present, he has taken the gospel to 110 nations of the world, over 20 Presidents of nations seeks his counsel for good governance.

Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide is fully present in 56 countries. The United States alone boasts of 39 branches while Italy has 28 branches.


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