In the anointed, spiritually charged programmes of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide led by Apostle (Prof.) Johnson Suleman, the Holy Spirit is changing lives. This is evident by the divine healing of the sick, saving of the lost, filling believers with His power, and setting free captives from sinful bondages and broken relationships, through the servant of God’s annual healing crusade tagged ‘The Supernatural’ which is usually followed by testimonies of supernatural supply, strength, abilities, insight, wisdom, knowledge and health that are beyond human understanding.

‘The Supernatural’ experience is being felt in nations under Africa, Europe and Asia continents all year round. The ongoing edition in Ghana which started on Tuesday 13th of March and billed to end on Wednesday 14th of March, 2018, will be another experience to ever remember. At each ‘The Supernatural’ crusade, destinies are gloriously altered and lives transformed forever. During the sessions, the ‘Oracle of God’, Apostle Suleman, regularly lifts the spirit of the highly anticipated with such statement of conviction as “you’re going to see the unexpected; you’re about to see the unimaginable.” And, indeed, after each version of the destiny-altering impartation, every participant, from every corner of the hosting country will experience the glory of God. The divine outpour is always awesome.

As the ‘The Supernatural’ Ghana edition is in progress, the OFM train is set for the next; a four-day spread programme starting with Moscow, capital city of Russia, between the 9th and 10th of April, 2018, followed by the ‘The Supernatural’ in Helsinki, capital city of Finland, on 11th and 12th of April, 2018. The Malaysia and Thailand editions will follow and later ‘The Supernatural’ will be hosted in the United Arab Emirate city of Dubai between the 31st of July and 1st of August, 2018.

Meanwhile, the birthday celebration of the servant of God comes up on Saturday, March 24th, 2018. Remarkably, Apostle Suleman’s birthday celebration is not only about singing, dancing and eating, it promises yet another moment for the uncommon signs of the anointing as well as sign of blessings for the needy.


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