Founder of Omega Fire Ministries worldwide (OFM), Apostle (Prof.) Johnson Suleman, has declared that herdsmen killings will not stop anytime soon.

The ‘Oracle of God’ explained that his conclusion was based on the fact that “someone’s body language” is empowering them.

The famous cleric might have referred to President Muhammadu Buhari who critics have accused of not taking a decisive action on killer herdsmen.

In a chat with, Apostle Suleman said: “I see it (herdsmen activities) increasing. I am trying to be diplomatic like they want me to be diplomatic because someone’s body language is empowering these herdsmen.

“Someone is not coming out openly and boldly say it. No one has been arrested, none have been tried, even those that have been tried the case dissolved like that.

“People don’t get consequences for bad behaviour. Elections will not stop the killings it’s going to continue except somebody speaks against it. If someone speaks at this point of election as far as I am concerned it becomes politically motivated.”

Suleman also disagreed with directive by the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, that those who bear arms illegally should surrender them.

“The IG of police is my friend but on this, he is very wrong. International law allows anybody to carry light arms for self-defence so long it is licensed. If you are talking about retrieving arms from the people you have to retrieve arms from the herdsmen.

“People don’t fear the cows, they fear the gun. If the people are crying about the herdsmen, the attack on their produce and the farmers, people don’t fear the cows, the people fear the gun.

“I am sure growing up you saw herdsmen carrying sticks not guns but now it has changed into carrying guns about. So, if we do not stem this, I don’t see Nigeria having any agricultural future.

“Farmers have been chased out of their farms and that is going to increase the state of unemployment which will get back to us because everything is in shambles. It is not enough to make certain statements. Now there is a town in Benue, I can’t remember the name, but the herdsmen have taken over that town in Benue.

“They are not dead; they are alive so if you want us to believe you’re serious in dealing with this people then use that as an example. Collect the arms don’t kill them, don’t arrest them, just tell them to submit their arms.”


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