Apostle Johnson Suleman popularly known for his philanthropic acts and good works in the body of Christ and to the society is at it again.

The man of God who is on twitter as @APOSTLESULEMAN came forth with a Bible quiz on July 25th. In the morning of the 25th of July, the man of God said he wants to bless 7 people with one thousand dollars in the space of a month through a Bible quiz of 7 questions.

Later that evening, the man of God dropped the 1st question which was “Who killed Christ?”. With over 1000 reactions from followers, the man of God picked 3 persons who had gotten the correct answer and did fulfill his promise.

Having in mind that many persons may doubt his veracity, the man of God went ahead to repost a screenshot of the 3 persons who got the correct answer to Question 1 of the quiz and also sent a picture evidence of the money that was received by the winners who were appreciating the man of God for the gift.

From CelebrationTV News Desk


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