At the One Night With the King held at Canaanland Ota, Bishop David Oyedepo placed curses on the Fulani herdsmen responsible for the killlings in Benue State and their sponsors.
In the Bishop’s exact words, he said

“Where are the security agents? You mean they can’t get the herdsmen arrested?Those Fulani herdsmen and their unborn children will not see peace.I saw this coming, documented it because God confided in me. I saw it in May 23, 1992. Nigeria is in a state of slumber and the politicians won’t say anything. They (politicians) are always looking for the next election whether people are dying or not.”

Bishop David Oyedepo further asked the following questions:

Is cattle business government’s business?

How much is cattle business contributing to the nation’s GDP?

Should men, women and children continue to lay down their lives for cattles?

How many cattles does a fulani cattle rearer need to sell to purchase an AK47 rifle?

Does one need a 3 million naira equipment to protect a 100 thousand naira investment?

In a country where there are no natural disasters, should there be mass burials happening all the time?

Judging by the technicalities of these killings, can we not see that this is beyond fulani cattle rearer initiative?

Papa further emphasized that there is no doubt that the country needs fervent prayers. Prayers of vengeance and peace were made for the country at the vigil service and in all Living Faith Churches nationwide on Sunday.


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