Prime Minister Boris Johnson will find out Tuesday evening whether he has any chance of getting his Brexit deal through Parliament — and whether he can do it ahead of his October 31 deadline.

Having twice been denied a vote on whether members of Parliament support his deal, Johnson has introduced the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which would implement the deal in law, and plans to push it through Parliament at a breakneck pace.

His moment of truth will come at around 7pm in London, with what’s known as the Second Reading vote — on whether Parliament agrees with the general principles of the bill.

An analysis of MPs’ previous votes and statements suggests Johnson probably has just about enough support to win that vote.

But it will be immediately followed by a second, on whether MPs agree to his rapid timetable for pushing the bill through.

If he doesn’t pass that hurdle, he could still deliver Brexit, but he has little chance of doing it on time.

“The public doesn’t want any more delays, neither do other European leaders and neither do I,” Johnson said in an emailed statement. “Let’s get Brexit done on October 31 and move on.”

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