God’s Servant , The ‘’RESTORATION APOSTLE’’ Apostle( Prof) Johnson Suleman’s second daughter, Divine and his only son Ebenezer escaped death while on their way to Benin City on Sunday

Apostle Suleman shared the testimony during the easter celebration service April 1st , 2018 at the Omega Fire Ministries Headquaters , he later called on her daughter Divine to come and share the testimony by herself.

The kids were accompanied by Apostle Suleman’s wife’s younger sister when the accident occurred.

They came face to face with a trailer and all of a sudden the driver veered off the road and and went into the Bush, clearing up the farmlands.

Divine said , All she was saying at that moment was Jesus Jesus Jesus and all of a sudden they found themselves back on the road.

This can only be God , as this year has been declared the year of New Experience and the Supernatural. Indeed God of Apostle Johnson Suleman is a Faithful God…

Glory be to God!


  1. Wow awesome God.pls Iam papa’s monthly partner over a year now.can I get no I want to send a text message to him.greater grace.

  2. I give God all the glory for saving their lifes, thanks to God. The same God of apostle Johnson Suleman also saved the life of my daughter from accident.devil came late. I am papa’s patner since last year.


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