Cardi B refused to perform at the Super Bowl as her way of showing support for Colin Kaepernick. But some people felt she didn’t do enough.

Cardi featured in a recent Pepsi commercial which was advertised at the Super Bowl and to some people, this means Cardi still benefitted from the NFL.

Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina shared a photo of herself with Colin Kaepernick and said, “Today is Colin Kaepernick’s day.”

It was her way of standing with her sister and with Colin but a follower told her they were being hypocrites by claiming to care about Colin, yet not going all the way to support him. The follower said that by doing the Pepsi ad, Cardi was already aligning with the NFL and benefitting from them.

And Hennessy clapped back at the follower.

See her reply below.


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