Birthdays are known for the celebration of people or an individual born on a particular day, where gifts are giving to the celebrant.

But uniquely identifying to the dynamic Mother Dr Lizzy Suleman who is known for her charitable heart, the tide is turned against the wind as she reaches out to the less privileged, sick and needy.

On Wednesday 20th of February 2019, She visited hospitals giving gifts to February born children and paying up discharge bills for those who couldn’t afford it. These hospitals include General Hospital, Auchi Edo state Nigeria, Hope hospital, Auchi Edo state Nigeria and Irrua specialist hospital, Edo state Nigeria.

On Sunday the 24TH of February was nothing lesser as she shared cash gifts (The sum of Three million naira) amongst students on scholarship and also an extra Two hundred thousand Naira (200, 000) to participants of the dance competition which took place during her birthday dinner party.

This is simply a display of love for humanity and a heart of charity.

Dr Lizzy Suleman Is the loving wife of Apostle Johnson Suleman, popularly known as The Restoration Apostle. The president and founder of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, who also is known for his philanthropic deeds through his charity organization called “The touch of love foundation”.

These blessed couple has reached out to people both home and abroad, transforming lives for better.


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