A new father was shocked when police visited his home to question him after he wrote on Facebook that he accidentally fed his 5-day-old son hot sauce.

Paul Dawson, 39, was with his son, Ben, at TGI Fridays when his partner Lorencia wanted to get some food so she had to stop feeding their son and handed him over to Paul. Before taking Ben in his arms, Paul wiped his hands on a napkin.

Paul said:

He wasn’t too happy at not feeding anymore so I put my knuckle in his mouth to try and pacify him – completely forgetting about what I’d eaten. Ben made a funny face and that was that.

He later took to Facebook and narrated the incident, writing:

Apparently five-day-old babies don’t like it when their dads put their fingers in their mouths after eating hot wings.

Unintentionally by the way. Lol.

But then two days later police visited his home in Stockton-on-Tees, England, asking if it was true that he feeds his son hot sauce.

Paul said:

I opened the door and asked what was up. They replied “you don’t know then?” and I said I didn’t have a clue.

That’s when they told me that I had apparently been feeding my son hot sauce.

I just said “are you taking the p*** , mate?”.

I was actually quite tearful that someone had called the police. My girlfriend then asked the officers if they’d even read the Facebook post.

They hadn’t, so they were shown it and they just looked embarrassed. They apologised and admitted that they shouldn’t have been called and then left.

A police spokesman said:

Officers were satisfied that the baby was safe and well and there were no further enquiries carried out.


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