Nigerian Deportee Alleges Slaughter On Going In Libya Slave Camps

The following is a real-life account by Michael Oyakhira, one of the 100 deportees who came to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Thursday 29th March 2018 and received N3.3m alongside a bag of rice each from Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners…

“I want the whole world to know what’s happening in Libya,” Michael Oyakhira passionately pleaded, a ghostly glint in his eye. “Let them know the truth!!!” At 21 years of age, Michael’s eyes have seen what no man ought. An unrecorded massacre. Brazen slaughter reported by no media. A heinous crime against humanity. “More than 150 people died that day,” he wincingly reminisced. “I saw their blood flowing…”

The young chef travelled illegally to Libya from Nigeria, witnessing untold horrors on the way. But nothing could prepare him for what transpired in the remote prison camp he finally found himself in. Michael had seen the ominous signs. The prisoners were too many and the staff too few. “Two days earlier, I actually dug a hole in the ground because I felt something terrible was about to happen” he explained. His ingenuity proved life-saving. “I heard an explosion like a bomb going off, then the sound of rapid gunfire.”

Michael and a fellow prisoner both squeezed into the tiny hole. Scrambling to cover themselves with earth and debris, carnage reigned above. “I buried myself alive to survive,” the young Nigerian solemnly stated. Silence signalled the bloodbath was over. As the duo resurfaced, the foul stench of death rant the air. “The blood was gushing like a river,” he candidly revealed. “They shot everyone who moved.” Michael has no means of measuring how many innocent people were slaughtered that day. “I now know why most people who make it to Libya don’t make it back.”

Heartbroken at how cheap life was treated, Michael was determined to get out alive and tell his story. He managed to escape from captivity. Whilst on the Libyan streets, a young boy saw him almost collapse. “He must have been 13 or 14 years old,” he explained. “The boy said he would help me, gave me water to drink and said he’d take me to a safe place.” Beguiled, Michael followed. An hour later, the innocent-looking teenager had sold him into slavery. “He sold me for just 200 Dinar ($150),” Michael fumed.

Beaten mercilessly by his new ‘owner’, the young chef was forced to call his parents in Nigeria and plead for them to release money. The tactics of torture became increasingly heartless as time progressed without remuneration. “They would hang me upside down with my feet tied to a pole and then strike me with electric wires,” he said. Altogether, he spent over N1.2m ($3,400) during his nine months of hell in Libya.

After an unsuccessful attempt to cross the Mediterranean Ocean, Michael lay languishing in another Libyan prison when the IOM came to facilitate his repatriation to Nigeria. He immediately decided to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, knowing the international reach of Emmanuel TV. “Please tell my story! Warn young people not to take such a route! Let the world know the horrors happening in Libya!”

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