>>‘’The Gift of a Man is God giving you a man that becomes a treasure that is programmed into your life.

TEXT: John 5 : 5 – 9

TOPIC: The Gift of a Man!

When I said the gift of a man, I am not talking of a man that is gifted but I am talking of God given you a man whom becomes a gift to your life. When I said the gift of a man, I am talking of God looking down on your situation, looking down on the circumstances of your life and God introduces a man to you that becomes like a gift to your life.

So when I am talking about the gift of a man , I am taking about a man sent by God almighty into the life of a specific individual at a specific time that becomes a treasure, that becomes a piece of Gold that is programed into your life.

The Bible said Jesus saw a man and the first thing that came into his mind was not the man’s condition but was the man’s duration.

Condition is not a problem because everybody will goes through a condition, Temptation is not a problem because everybody goes through temptation. When Jesus saw the man, Jesus was not moved that he was inpotent, Jesus was not moved that the man has a situation , Jesus was not moved that the man had a challenge, the first thing that came to the mind of Jesus was that he has been there for a long time. So the problem was not the condition , the problem was the duration , not a condition , Jesus to him, will thou be made whole and the man said I have no man, in other words , I had spent a long time here because I have no man. In other words , the condition came, I would have been out of it on time if I had a man to help me.

So many of us are going through challenges in our lives, we have spent a long time in one apartment , you have spent a long time in one building, you have have spent a long time with one car, you have spent a long time tracking , you have spent a long time with a situation because you have no man.

God has sent me on assignment this morning , I am here to deliver a word from heaven over your life, your man is coming , the man to fast forward your life , the man to program you to next level in destiny, the Lord will release your man in the mighty name of Jesus…

The Bible say’s , when Jesus saw him in that case, the Bible didn’t called it condition, but called it case, the man’s problem became a case , a case is a pending matter, a case is an issue, the man’s situation became a case, when you go through a condition it can be private, when you go through temptation, it can be private but when your temptation become a came it is public, it means the man situation was now a matter that was been discussed. When lawyer says you have a case in court , he or she is saying I have a matter to be discuss publicly , you have something to be argue publicly . The mans private situation became a public discussion

When you do nothing about private situation , they become public discussion , when you do nothing about pending matters it becomes pending issues . This man’s condition became a case. People are discussing your life now just like the woman with the issue of blood. Her problem became an issue and became a public discussion , it became a verbal transaction . The same mouth that speak publicly against you will change the topic in Jesus name.

It’s not bad when people discuss you, it is the topic that matters, there is a good topic that is about to hit your life, business, marriage and I prophesy , the same people , the mouth, voice and gang up that discuss you for evil will announce your celebration.

When you lack a man , when you don’t a man around you, there are certain things that happens. When Jesus saw him, he asked him ‘’will thou be made whole’’? So when you lack a man

1 – You will live a life of questions: there are people today that live a life of questions. What is going on in my life? When is this my situation change? When will I get help? Who did I offend? Why is this happening to me? When will my change come? All of that is happening because you need a gift of a man. You are answering a life of questions , How come I keep struggling to pay my rent by myself? How come I snuggle to feed? How can I survive? When will this my condition change? When will I get to a point I can stand on my own? All because you lack a gift of a man. I am here with a word from God , your questions shall be answer in the name of Jesus.

2 – The man said before I get in there , another enters before me; when you lack the gift of a man life will cheat you. The man has been there, life was cheating him. Life is not fair , imagine a person applied for a visa 7 times and doesn’t get it, another person applied the first time and get it because the person at the other end was in a good mood… Life is not fair, when somebody is a student in an institution and spent 5 -6 years doing a 4year course and another person enters 4 years and leaves 4 years because the person that was delayed met wrong head lecturer or a wrong head of department. Life is not fair, when a lady who has a bad attitude and character is enjoying her marriage and a lady with a good character is crying in her home she met an evil father in-law or evil mother in-law. Life is not fair when a multimillionaire struggles to build a house and a civil servant complete his house, a multimillionaire struggling because he has an evil uncle who says he can not be something. I am sent on an assignment today by the voice of God , Your situation will turn around

The Bible says the man was there for 38 years, without helps , time flies. the Bible says if they shall obey and serve me , they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasure. A man of prosperity enjoys pleasure like days. A lot of people are looking at their lives today, it’s wearing outing time is flying because you lack a person.

I started studying recently all the biggest men in the world and I discover that at some point every man met a man, you will meet a man that will take you to your place in destiny in the name of Jesus.

38 years, he was in a situation, without a man, you will wait till you waste. When there is no man waiting lead to wasting. There are people that are waiting and going old because they lack a gift of a man. Even the almighty God needed a man Ezekiel 22: 30 : ‘’I search for a man’’, if God need a man , you need a man, the man that will announce you will find you in Jesus name

The answer to your pray is a man, Luke 6;38 ‘’GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVING ONTO YOU’’… so the answer to your prayer is a man. Your service to God is reward base on the man that you meet, You are fasting, praying, leaving holy , sowing seed and following God , when God want to answer all those your spiritual exercises, he releases a man. May the give of a man show up in your life in Jesus name

the Bible says, ‘’And angle troubles the water’’ he said when the angel troubles the water, somebody helps the around me, so what God initiate, man complete. The angel start it but man finish it. What God initiate , man delegate. God’s supremacy is only delegated by man’s accuracy. It is time for you to understand that heavens can never appear physically , they must use a man. Men are God agents of change. Angels are God’s agents but man is God angel. The angel that you see is a man

There shall bee a turn around in your life in the mighty name of Jesus!

If your man must come , there must be first , a divine visitation , nothing releases the gift of a man like the visitation of your God. If your God must show up, if your man must show up , your God must first appear. The reason you have not seeing any man to help you is because you lack divine visitation

. When angel show up, men must appear, you have spent time taking care of yourself too much, it is time for people to take care of you, it is time for God to bring somebody into your life, to initiate a helper to help your life. To bring balance to your destiny. To put your life in track and put your life in order.

The name of Jesus is an authority not an identity , he give you access , when you call the name of Jesus over cancer , cancer will disappear , sickness is an identity but authority swallows identity

If You Must Get The Gift Of A Man

1 – You need definition : the Bible said a certain man , who are you? The reason you can not uncover your man is because you have not discover yourself. If your help appears before you now and ask you what you want, what will you say? You have not discover yourself

If somebody walks to you now and ask you how much will pays all your bills, you have no idea move around with your plans and dreams in your hands. Move around with your expectation before you. If you ask me what are my plans , I will ask you for paper and pen because it is too much to be discuss standing and I will even ask you for more papers

Many of us have not discover ourself and we are crying for helpers, if you helper come now, what do you want? You have no idea . As a young lady, a husband is not your problem , there is a kind of lifting God will give a lady, husband will look for her. People said they beat women, there are certain women you can not beat, not because of their size but because of their worth.

On my birthday my wife gave me a heavy check in several zeros , is that the kind of woman you will slap? If you slap a woman like that, you are slapping checks. We are having a structure going on and it get to a stage my wife said leave it , let me finish it, what else do you need and said she will finish the project, don’t worry about it and slap that kind of woman, you are slapping building… Make yourself a person of value, there is a character a lady will have , you can’t abuse her.

Many young men now, money is not your problem, what you need is plan, because if the money come now , in the next two months you become poor again because there is no plan. When people tell me they want travel abroad, I ask them one question. To do what? It is more frustrating to be abroad than to be Nigeria. You have everything here , but abroad you are on your own

If God must do something in your life, you must discover yourself , they met with John the Baptist and asked him, who are you? Are you Elijah ? He said NO. He said I am the voice of the one crying in the wilderness , if you don’t have a definition, circumstances and trials of life will define you Today people don’t know what they want. Define Yourself !

Definition determines destination , it determines transition , it determines projection

If You Have A Definition

1 – You will attract attack. When you discover where you are going in life, the first thing you encounter is an attack but when that attacks comes, many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivered him out of them all.

2 – You Take Advantage : when you discover yourself, take advantage of every opportunities that comes your way . Don’t allow any opportunity to pass you by. God does not give people money, God gives people Opportunities time and chance happens to them all. When God give you Opportunity, he gives time also but a lot of us allow opportunities to pass by. Favor is when opportunity meet preparation. Acquired Knowledge.

3 – You become a center of Attraction – the only time the pool was mentioned was on this man’s case , he becomes a center of attraction , I pray for you today, as you discover who you are, you will become the next big thing that will happens to your family . You will become the next discussion that will happens to your family. You will become the center of attraction.

When David discovered who he was, he discovered what he could do, he became the center of attraction

If You Must Get The Gift Of A Man

2 – Activity ; The man needed someone to put him in the pool ‘’He said but while I am coming another steppeth down before me…Meaning the man has ability but no activity. Some of you only had a dream that only end up on papers , books you are to write , you wrote them and stopped at manuscript , you refused to type them out. When you discover the greatness inside of you, nobody can take you for granted. Be active

My Father My Father , Lion of Judah! I have Struggled enough , Arise and Answer my questions!



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