A key suspect in the abduction of a 14-year-old boy with albinism in Dedza, Malawi has died in police custody just hours after appearing in court on Wednesday.

Lilongwe police spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula said the suspect, Buleya Luka,54, died after he complained of an illness.

“After he complained of an illness, the police took him to Kamuzu central hospital where he died,” said Dandaula.

According to Nation online, stepfather to the missing boy, Goodson Makanjira, told the principal magistrate court in Lilongwe on Wednesday that Luka masterminded the abduction of the boy.

Kumbilani Patson of Chiwala Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Chiseka in Lilongwe said Luka promised all that participated in the abduction MK800 000 each.

“I am guilty of the abduction. I did it because I was ticked that there was money. He said he would give us K800 000, so I accepted the deal and managed to get the boy and we gave the boy to him [pointing at Buleya] at night, alive.”Patson said

Patson claimed it was Buleya, who he pointed at in court, who told them that he knew the market for people with albinism.

“They drove off with the boy, leaving us there promising to get back to us for the cash later. We knew that there was danger; that the boy would be killed, but we did it for money,” he said.

But Luka was yet to tell the police where he took Makanjira to whether he is alive or dead.

He was fit and well on Wednesday he pleaded guilty to the boy’s abduction.

The second accused, who also pleaded guilty, is Sainani Kalekeni who comes from Chimphanga Village, T/A Chanza in Lilongwe.

Kalekeni also narrated the story of promises of money by Buleya who seems to have been a middleman.

However, the duo have exonerated three other accused persons: Lukas Kagomo, 36, Katiya Mizeck, 42, and Wiskes Gana telling the court that they have been victimised for allowing the use of their phones to make calls on the abduction without their knowledge.

Principal resident magistrate Viva Nyimba, however, said he would not release any of the six accused, considering the sensitivity and seriousness of the matter and also because investigations are still ongoing.


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