Kogi State’s impeached Deputy Governor, Elder Simon Achuba, shouted on Sunday at the ill-treatment which various forces in the state melted at him.

Achuba, speaking at his private residence to reporters, said that he was regarded as a common criminal even when the law acknowledged him as the state’s deputy governor.

The embattled former lawmaker, who also denounced the Kogi State House of Assembly’s action for making their paymaster’s biddings, described the sitting that expelled him from office as a kangaroo that would not stand.

He also described his alleged impeachment as unconstitutional, humiliating, and a national insult to Nigeria.

He said that if the democracy of the nation is to flourish, the lawlessness that is taking place in Kogi State should stop at all times.

Achuba, who also recounted how the police treated him when he declared his impeachment on Friday, said, “I was in my official residence on Friday, all of a sudden, my power was disconnected. Unknown to me, my house was barricaded by officers. All of my protection has been removed. I called the police commissioner to inform him that the response I got from him was not pleasant

“For me to know what is going on and who I was dealing with, I instructed my private security to switch on the generator set.

“To my greatest surprise, some armed police officers escorted a technician, went straight to the generator set, disconnected it and went away with the battery. Their intention is to frustrate me and cut me off from accessing the world.

“My personal belongings are still in the office. They denied me from carrying anything that belongs to me. As if I am a common criminal who should be treated with disdain.

” If a the deputy governor could be treated like a common criminal, what will now happen to the common man on the street?

“As I am seated here, I don’t have any car to convey me anywhere. I have been trekking from one place to another on foot. For how long will this continue. We are not in a banana republic?

Nevertheless, he called on the president and all security agencies to shine their search light on Kogi in order to avoid plunging into another Boko Haram crisis.

They also called on the police inspector general to alert the police commissioner that his conduct in the state was unprofessional and counterproductive to the police force.

However, Achuba thanked the judiciary, the members of the panel for standing by the truth, adding that he remains the state’s Deputy Governor.

According to him, he remains the state’s deputy governor, stressing that “the action of the governor and former chief of staff is not only an embarrassment to the nation, but also a setback to the Congress of All Progressives.”


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