Apostle Johnson Suleman was in Finland on the 11th and 12th, April 2018 for a two days Restoration and Supernatural Encounter crusade. There was an outburst of God’s supernatural powers during the four meetings

During the program, Apostle Johnson Suleman called out quite a number of people through prophecy and he prayed for them.

One of the cases which was called out was that of a Nigerian who was at the verge of deportation back to Nigeria because of documentation issue. During the prophetic God’s oracle mentioned the complete names of the man including his native name which is unknown to many.

Today been Sunday, a Nigerian who doesn’t want his name to appear because of security reasons confided to our reporter in Finland that “God has changed his story” according to him, he was able to break Apostle Johnson Suleman’s protocol and he came in contact with the man of God where he told him that he needed prayers.

Apostle Johnson Suleman layed his hand on him and told him ” Receive financial increase in Jesus name” The Nigerian who is from the Eastern part of Nigeria said few days later his friend who resides in Nigeria called him and told him to send his company’s name so that he can get him a contract from the state governor.

At first he thought his friend was joking but when his friend called him again and told him to send his company’s details and documents that was when he reluctantly gave him what he asked for.

He said within two days the contract which he didn’t hope for was approved and 80% contract sum was paid into his account and the worth of the contract is more than seven hundred million naira, about $2m USD

This is an awesome testimony and it is what characterises Apostle Johnson Suleman prophetic meetings.

Apostle Johnson Suleman prophesied at the beginning of this year “that we will play with money”



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