My father not planning another wife for Buhari – Mamman Daura’s daughter


Fatima, daughter of Muhammadu Buhari’s nephew, Mamman Daura, has denied allegations that her father was arranging a wife for the president as had been rumoured recently.

Speaking with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Fatima, whose interview was monitored by The Cable, revealed the closeness between Buhari and her father saying they grew together.

She said: “Wallahi, it is a lie. It is all part of what I am saying about the false allegations against our father. He is not even aware of the rumours about the marriage issue because he doesn’t use the social media.

“They are both monogamous. Both my dad and the president practice monogamy. They are all lies aimed at blackmailing him. They keep falsely accusing him. It does not tally with reason.”

Fatima also denied claims that her father was the ‘cabal’ spoken about by some people as well as the first lady, Aisha Buhari.

“I think the question should be directed to her (Aisha). If one would be objective, one would understand that they (Buhari and Daura) grew up together, shared the same friends and did a lot of things together, so if any one is appointed that is close to our dad, that person is also close to the president.

They have been together and they do things together. Everyone has his own confidant that he listens to. I think that is the reason for the allegations,” she said adding that since they are related, “there is no way you can separate them.”

She said her father’s role has been to advise the president when the need arises and that being 80 years old, he hardly speaks.

She also said her father only relied on God to vindicate him of various allegations against him.
She said she feels sad that her father is being blamed for the goings-on in government.

The purveyors of the claim attributed it to undisclosed sources from the presidency.


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