Senate President Ahmad Lawan said Wednesday that in order to overcome its current challenges, Nigeria would need prayers.

Mr Ola Awoniyi, Special Advisor (Media) to the Senate President, quoted Lawan as saying this when he was visited by a delegation from the National Assembly’s Christian Legislators ‘ Fellowship.

He said that given the situation, “we are in today, the different problems faced by Nigeria and its people, we need to pray even more.

“Today, we face serious security challenges. Where we have security agencies, which are mandated to ensure that we are secured and protected, if nothing, we should pray for them that they are able to perform well.

“It is not only in empowering them with weapons; the power of God is beyond weapons.

“I’m sure that all people of faith will continue to pray for our security agencies to protect us,” Lawan said.

Lawan said that as leaders they had the responsibility to ensure that they provided leadership, to continue to seek the intervention of God in the way and manner that we lead our people.

“We have to do whatever we can to be as truthful, transparent and accountable to our people,” he said.

President of the Fellowship, Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha, who is also the Senate Deputy Minority Leader, said the National Prayer Breakfast was an annual event organised by Christians in National Assemblies and Congresses all over the world.(NAN)


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