Anything we do in church that does not end us in Heaven was a waste of life. What is the use of the kind of miracle that the (blind) eyes are opened, and then the end is still Hell Fire? What is the use of being in church and ending in Hell with those who didn’t go to church at all? Christian life that is unchanged is a useless waste of effort. Every Church attendance that doesn’t change a person’s life is a waste of life. If your life is not impacting on your world; If people are not looking at you and desiring to come closer to God, If your life is not challenging people to become better, then you are wasting your attendance of church. One of the greatest pains to The Father is to see unchanged children coming before Him all the time with their (horrible) character intact.

The Essence of Christianity is One: Change into the nature of Christ.
-Dr. Paul Enenche.

Bear this in mind as you go to church today. One Word from God can change your life; and if you prepare your heart, you can catch that One Word today.
Have a blessed Sunday, and go to Church!


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