Senator Dino Melaye, Buhari’s special adviser Femi Falana, Jerry Gana, Orji Uzo Kalu’s wife, and the minister for education in Calabar, were present at the crusade when BENNY HINN dived again into politics. When BENNY, spoke God’s word about the Nigerian politics, Dino Melaye jumped and was overwhelmed with joy while the others frowned their faces. This is what Pst BENNY said, 22/01/2018 “What I am sensing, would happen few weeks from now, not months. I have never sensed before what I am sensing now. God is sending an anointing for political authority to the church. The church would affect the government of Nigeria. There is a shift In the atmosphere. He is bringing changes to the political sector. You have to do what I asked you to do last night. The church has to fast for 21 days just like Daniel did, not 20 or 19. Partial fasting. Eat only once in a day. When you fast, I WANT YOU TO TARGET THE INDIVIDUALS YOU WANT TO SEE REMOVED FROM OFFICE. CALL THEM BY NAMES AND THEIR OFFICES. THIS TIME YOU MUST TAKE THE KINGDOM BY FORCE. I see adjustment and changes in the political sector of Nigeria. The church has the authority. Kathryn Kuhlman said ” no nation is stronger than the anointing it’s church is carrying. You must declare the changes you want to see while fasting. When I went to Tobego, I perceived Poverty and oppression. The minister of finance told me there was abject poverty. This was because some witches rode on a helicopter and began to speak poverty and sicknesses in the atmosphere. Men of God in Nigeria should organize a helicopter ride and speak healing ,prosperity and wealth over the atmosphere. Pray in tongues over Nigeria. I sense a divine anointing for change that will affect the economy of Nigeria positively. You wait when you finish the fast, you will call me and tell me what God has done in Nigeria. The churches in Nigeria will affect the map of Africa. We will pray for prosperity to rest in Nigeria and all powers not of God will be defeated. Call the politicians you do not want to remain in power by their names and their offices. When the fast is over watch what happens in Nigeria”


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