General overseer of Believers Love World (Christ Embassy International), Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has issued a message of caution to comedians regarding using pastors as elements of jokes.

Oyakhilome, who made this known over the weekend during a church gathering which takes place every first Sunday of the month, said, the message was not from him but from God.

The praise and worship section was led by Eben and the prayer section was led by pastor Deola.
Inspired by the Holy spirit, Pastor Chris gave answers to questions in a dialogue session. He warned comedians never to joke with men of God.

According to him, those who do such will suffer the consequences.
He said: “For those of you, who are comedians, try all you can not to make fun with pastors in your comedy. Because you are going to see some comedians whose lives would be a comedy. This is what the lord said I should tell you. Because a lot of them who does such will have their lives reduced. Which means you are going to see them and say; is this you? Is this what your life has become?”

“Don’t joke with sacred things. Pastors occupy sacred place.

You must know what to joke with and what not to joke with,” he warned.
When God wants to destroy a man he sends him against a prophet (man of God). He said there are many things to joke or play with but not with a man called by God


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