>>The president of Nigeria says our money is safe under him..are our lives safe?..do u kip money for ghosts?..heaven must respond.dis is evil.

>>Plateau casualties as at last count this morning is 213 not 86 as alleged by d fake media..i mean human beings not chickens. my heart bleeds.

>>Those who were in power b4,are now been jailed for stealing cash.thos in power now should get ready to account for those who are dyin now.

>>You kill our brethren and tell us to forgive?yes as Christians we will.but forgiveness is not memory loss.u will answer for ur crime 1day.

>>In d last 2wks,21 killed in yola,25 in zamfara,213 in plateau..and APC convention had over 3000policemen on guard..security summersault..

>>I don’t care about any political party cos they are all guilty…the other stole our money,this one kills our people..God will judge you all

Check out Apst Johnson Suleman (@APOSTLESULEMAN): https://twitter.com/APOSTLESULEMAN?s=09


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