Prophetic Declarations for 2018
Bishop David Oyedepo

Every day of your life in 2018 shall be Christmas

As you keep praising Him He won’t stop lifting you.

Throughout the year 2018, you shall be jumping and dancing.

No one will gather to mourn in your household.

I release each one under the sound of my voice today to your New Dawn Era.

I decree the end of any form of shame and reproach in anyone’s life.

The year is loaded with New Dawn experiences for you; before you recover from one, you storm into another.

Oppressions and frustrations shall be far away from your habitation.

As the Lord liveth, it shall be your best year till date.

From this first day, strange doors begin to open to you.

Because He daily loaded us with benefits, every day beginning from today will deliver New Dawn proofs.

From the bottom of my heart and as a prophet of God, I decree your emergence as a New-Dawn personality.

Nobody called barren will exceed the month of September before bringing forth their babies.

Nobody in line for marriage will exceed the month of September.

Nobody called jobless will escape the month of January before having a job.

No battered business will remain battered by the end of January.

No broken career will remain broken before January is over.

The Siege over your life is over; the siege over your family is over; the siege over the work of your hands is over; the siege over your spiritual life is over in Jesus name.


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