It was a moment of joy and thanksgiving during the August fire and miracle night at the Omega Fire Ministries Headquarters In Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria when Mr Chris Achugbuo from Port Harcourt, Rivers State gave a testimony of how his son was found after 6 months of missing.

The testifier was accompanied by Rev Chibueze Amadi, his Pastor in Port Harcourt who also is the protégé of Apostle Johnson Suleman and the African coordinator of The Son’s of The Prophet (SOP) Network,a body of all the Pastors, prophets, prophetesses, Evangelists, etc who are submitted to the grace of God which is at work in the life of Apostle Johnson Suleman.

According to Rev Chibueze Amadi who gave a preamble of the testimony, he said while he was in Auchi during the March 2018 edition of Ministers Conference, Apostle Johnson Suleman said somebody’s baby is missing and he jumped up and told God’s oracle that his member’s baby has just been stolen and Apostle Suleman gave a prophetic utterance that the baby will be found. After the close of the session the prophetic declaration by Apostle Suleman in relation to the missing baby was conveyed to the father of the baby and he screamed” Amen

The father of the missing child, in his testimony said that his missing son whose name is Daniel was stolen by their neighbours girl friend on the 12th of February this year when he was barely 9 months old. As God would have It, the lady who stole his son went and steal a set of 3 months old twin on the 13th of August and while on her way to the place where she used to sell the babies for rituals she was arrested by the police.

Mr Chris Achugbuo, while testifying said that as soon as the lady was arrested he was called by the police to come over to the police station to see if he knows the lady. As soon as the lady saw Mr Chris she started confessing that she is the one who stole his son and that his son is still alive, they haven’t killed him.

However, after some days the lady took the police officers and Mr Chris Achugbuo to the place where she used to supply stolen children for ritual and the surprising part is that the place belongs to a prophetess. At the place there were a lot of stolen children.

The striking testimony is that whenever ritualist comes to the Prophetess place to buy children little Daniel always fall sick which makes the ritualist to reject him and the Prophetess who owns the place wasn’t happy with little Daniel due to the fact that she hasn’t been able to sell him off.

Little Daniel is fully strong and healthy since he was relocated back to his parents.


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